‘Transnational Families in Europe’ Meeting

Hosting discussions that make a difference

Last month RSG organised an informal meeting for the ongoing ‘Transnational Families in Europe’ research project led by researchers from the University of Reading and aided by RSG and Reading Community Learning Centre. The research is focussed on examining the concept of “care” amongst migrant families across generations and geographic areas, and how family relationships are maintained across the world.

The meeting had a fantastic turnout, bringing together academics, staff and trustees from both organisations, community researchers, and local council representatives, providing a platform for RSG’s community researchers to voice their experiences and share their vital insight.

These vibrant discussions allowed a rare yet essential opportunity for participants at all levels of the research to understand and learn from one another. One attendee expressed ‘I could have discussed this all day’. Attendees also emphasised the importance of using the eventual findings to address care inequalities faced by migrant families across Europe.

RSG is proud to be facilitating these discussions between the community researchers and vital actors in the ‘Transnational Families in Europe’ research project, and we’re excited to see where this research leads!

Click here to learn more about the Transnational Families in Europe project:

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