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The Government is obsessing about small boats and fuelling the Far Right.

Private companies are making billions while refugees are neglected and terrified.

More and more refugees in Berkshire are turning to us for help, but fundraising is becoming increasingly challenging.

We need your help to fight for refugees in Berkshire and give them the support and advice they desperately need.

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Far Right Attacks Are On The Rise

Far Right organisations attacked a hotel housing asylum seekers in Knowsley, setting fire to a police van, throwing bricks and terrifying the people inside.

More attacks have followed in Rotherham, Kirkby, and Cannock, and ‘Migrant Hunts’ by the Nazi-linked groups like Patriotic Alternative and Britain First have doubled in the last year.

In Berkshire, refugees and asylum seekers tell us they are terrified.

The Government Are Stirring Up Hate

Instead of opposing this, the Government are stirring up anger and feeding hate.

Conservatives Deputy Chair, Lee Anderson compared refugee charities with ‘human traffickers’.
Immigration Minister, Robert Jenrick said the Government ‘shared the frustrations’ of the Far Right groups.
Home Secretary, Suella Braverman described refugees crossing the Channel as an ‘invasion’, days after Far Right terrorist firebombed a Dover immigration centre.

Is it any surprise the Far Right have picked ‘End The Invasion’ as their new slogan?

The Situation In Asylum Hotels

While the Far Right describe the asylum accommodation as ‘luxury hotels’, in reality they’re absolutely grim.

People who have fled from war and persecution are packed in to cramped, dirty rooms for months, and often years. They are given inedible food, and receive no support, no access to health care, and nothing to pass the time. 

There are so many horror stories about the asylum accommodation: Hundreds of children have been kidnapped by county lines gangs from asylum hotels. Depression and self-harm are widespread. Deaths in asylum accommodation have doubled in 2022.

Private Companies Profit

Private companies like Clearsprings, Serco and Mears make eye-watering profits from taxpayers money.  In October 2022, the Guardian reported that Clearsprings, who run asylum accommodation in Berkshire, paid three Directors £28 million in dividends last year alone.

People who’ve escaped war and persecution are suffering from the uncertainty of their asylum claims, poor living conditions, and increasing mental health problems related to the trauma they faced back in their home countries and now as they live in fear of being sent to Rwanda. 

Refugee Support Group is doing its best to help people and pick up the pieces, but we receive no funding to support people in asylum accommodation.  However, demand for our services continues to soar as more and more refugees and asylum seekers come to us in crisis.

The Situation In Berkshire

Berkshire has more than seven asylum hotels, along with numerous houses, where hundreds people are being kept for months while they await their asylum decision.

With the Government and companies providing no support, more and more people from the hotels are coming to us for help. Some are coming from many miles away.

Families and individuals are coming to us desperate for mental health support. They need advice with their asylum applications. They need help accessing health care. They want to socialise outside the hotels that feel like prisons.

The Latest Anti-refugee Bill

Rishi Sunak and Suella Braverman’s new Refugee Ban Bill, will only make things worse for refugees.

There are no safe, legal routes to apply for asylum in the UK and 98% of people crossing the Channel in small boats claim asylum. Despite this, the Government’s ‘Illegal Immigration Bill’ will trample the Refugee Convention, stopping anyone from applying for asylum here and punishing people who have already been through hell.

We will fight the heartless Bill tooth and nail, and we need you to join us to demand the UK remains a country with compassion and humanity.

Click here to find out how to fight the Bill

Refugees Need Your Help

We need your help to reassure refugees who fear for their lives.
We need your help to pick up the pieces from this broken asylum system.
We need your help to fight the Refugee Ban Bill. 

We will continue to provide legal advice, mental health support, social activities and practical help for every refugee and asylum seeker in Berkshire that needs us. But we need your help to keep doing so.

Demand for our services continues to grow year on year, while our funding is vanishing.

We need your help to keep providing our frontline services for refugees in crisis across Berkshire.

Please give £5 a month – less than the cost of two coffees – to give a lifeline to refugees in Berkshire.

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