COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

COVID-19 has hit refugees like Hila hard.

For months, Hila was trapped at home alone, without internet access or enough money for food each week.

She was facing isolationpovertyhealth fears, and depression on her own.

Hila’s situation was desperate. But you’ve helped her through.

Thanks to your donations we’re delivered Hila weekly food parcels, and have given her a laptop and internet dongle.

Hila can now attend our online Drop Ins and Drama groups. Now she chats to other refugees and volunteers each week, which has improved her mental health.

Hila now has a weekly Befriending sessions, helping her to feel less alone.

Our Casework team have worked with Hila to get her the benefits she was owed. Now she doesn’t have to choose between paying her rent or affording food. 

Your donations have helped Hila through this crisis.

But while we’ve helped Hila, there are hundreds of refugees like her in Berkshire that need our help.

Can you sign up to give £5 a month – around £1.20 a week – to help refugees like Hila through this crisis?

Please sign up to give £5 a month and to help the refugees in our community when they need us most.

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