Abraham*, his wife and two children arrived in the UK and applied for Asylum.

Initially, Abraham’s friends were able to give them with food and shelter, but after several months, they were no longer able to.

After a few more months, Abraham’s family ran out of money to support themselves. We helped them apply for asylum support.

The Home Office spent four weeks after the application was made requesting additional information before they would assess the case – time that the family did not have.

In that time, Abraham’s family turned up at our office destitute and with nowhere to stay. We helped them seek Emergency Accommodation, which they were granted that day. The family just needed to get to the accommodation more than 40 miles away in London.

Working with the British Red Cross, who assisted with some of the transport costs, we were able to get the family off the streets and to a place of temporary safety.

Following our work, Abraham and his family have now been relocated to a new home in another part of the UK.

Please consider donating to Reading Refugee Support Group so we can continue to help people in need like Abraham.

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