Send Nigel Farage a Message.

We loved this tweet from Rachel!

We loved it so much that we have replaced the 2021 Afghan appeal with the Message Nigel Farage campaign 2022.  All proceeds will go to the same place (read below).

What a positive good news story this would be if our fundraising went through the roof as a result of people sending Nigel a message that we #WelcomeRefugees in Berkshire.

Join Rachel, donate a fiver in Nigel Farage’s name, and you can be sure we will keep him updated.  Use the big orange button top right on our home page!  Or click this link.

Afghanistan Resettlement Programme

We have supported refugees and asylum seekers in Berkshire for over 27 years, and for five years we have supported families escaping Syria in partnership with Reading, Windsor & Maidenhead, Wokingham, and West Berkshire Borough Councils.

Now we are providing the same long-term support to many Afghan families who are being permanently settled in Berkshire.

We’re setting up their homes, helping them register with schools and doctors, helping them learn about their new communities, and supporting them to find work. We’re providing Mental Health support, social activities, helping them learn English and to come to terms with rebuilding their lives in the UK.

Temporary Hotels

Many of the refugees evacuated from Afghanistan are being housed in hotels. Though this is supposed to be temporary, it’s understood many people may remain in the hotels for at least 12 months.

We’re currently supporting 4 such hotels, housing around 400 men, women and children in this situation.

The conditions in these hotels are pretty awful. Despite having lost everything and having experienced unbelievable trauma, people in the hotels can feel like they have been left isolated and abandoned. They have nothing to do to pass the time or keep busy, and many are suffering from depression and PTSD. 

As well as Afghan refugees, there are other hotels accommodating people who have fled violence from different parts of the world, many living in dire conditions.

We’re doing as much as we can to help the many refugees in the hotels, but it’s not enough.
With support from many Rotary Clubs, we provide care packages of basics like toiletries and underwear. We are providing laptops to families with children needing to do homework, thank you Deloitte, data-packed sim cards, thank you Vodafone, and access to laptops in our communication hub, thank you Reading Rotary and |Abbey Baptist Church so that people can contact loved ones back home.

We’re running activities like Creative Writing groups to help people pass the time and support their mental wellbeing. We’re providing one-to-one Befriending and English sessions to give social contact and help them improve their English.

We’re also continuing to run our usual services, like our Drop-Ins that provide a safe space to socialise and our Advice Service, where we provide legal advice and practical support for anyone in need.

Before the Afghanistan Crisis, our services were strained. For example our Advice Service saw a 460% increase in demand as a result of COVID. Now with the addition of so many refugees needing our support, we’re more stretched than ever.

We need your help to continue providing the vital support that is so needed by the many families and individuals from Afghanistan, and from the many other conflicts ongoing right now, like in Yemen, Sudan, Iraq and Eritrea.

How You Can Help

Make a monthly donation

We need your financial support. Your donation can help us recruit more support workers, hire spaces for more Drop-Ins, recruit a Mental Health practitioner to provide proper Mental Health support and to recruit and manage more Befriending and English volunteers.

Click here to donate

Fundraise For Us

We would love for you to fundraise for us, be it running a race, holding a bake sale, or selling unwanted clothes or furniture online. Any funds donated will help us provide more Caseworkers, more Drop Ins, hire a Mental Health practitioner and recruit more volunteers. If you would like to fundraise for us, please let us know by emailing

Donate Laptops or Tablets

Internet access is a vital for refugees to communicate with family and friends that they’ve left behind or are elsewhere. If you can donate a brand new, internet ready laptop or tablet please email 

Volunteer Translators

Many people want to volunteer as translators. If you’re able to help with this, please let us know your contact details and what languages you are proficient in.
We will put you on our database and will call you as soon as we are able.  Please email:

Volunteer Befrienders / English Teachers

We will need volunteers to help provide Befriending and basic English practice for the families arriving. If you would like to volunteer as a befriender or help teach English, please let us know your contact details and we’ll add you to our database. Please email:


Some people have offered houses and flats to Afghan refugees. This is a fantastic offer.  RRSG will coordinate with the local authorities and pass on your details. Please email details about your property to:

What We Can’t Currently Accept

Please do not donate clothes, furniture or toys

Thank you for your generosity, but we have been inundated with donations of clothes and food, and we do not have the storage capacity to accept any more.
We will put the call out on social media if/when we need clothes again. Thank you.

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Here is the original Afghanistan Appeal video, by Nick Harborne, our CEO.

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