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RSG is a membership organisation allowing people to subscribe and become a member advocating around a specific, shared purpose:  in our case, the dignity and respect for and support of asylum seekers and refugees in Berkshire.

We want to connect with people, to form strong relationships in support of our Mission and Vision and to encourage and facilitate interaction and collaboration.


Our vision is for an inclusive and supportive society where refugees and asylum seekers are treated with humanity, dignity and respect.


Our mission is to improve the lives of refugees and asylum seekers by providing support and advice, promoting awareness and facilitating integration into the local community.


The staff and trustees of Refugee Support Group hold the following values that:

  • social justice, human dignity and respect as prescribed by the European Convention on Human Rights and by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) must be upheld.
  • Diversity, including race, culture, ability, sexuality, gender, age, religion and other beliefs, is beneficial to the community and should be celebrated.
  • The rights of individuals defined in the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and the responsibilities of signatories to that convention should be respected and upheld.
  • working in partnership with other organisations improves effectiveness and spreads understanding.
  • maintaining confidentiality in working with those we seek to help is of the greatest importance in generating trust and security.
  • the services and activities of the organisation should be accessible to all people who need them regardless of their individual circumstances.
  • maintaining a positive and inclusive workplace culture is crucial to the success of the organisation.

Strategic Objectives

To ensure RSG remains true to our mission, RSG has three strategic objectives which inform and govern our operational priorities within this business plan.

1.       To improve the quality of life experienced by refugees and asylum seekers in the Berkshire area by:

·     providing direct support and advice and assisting individuals and families to integrate with, contribute to and benefit from the wider community.

2.       To maximise the resources available to support refugees and asylum seekers by:

·     building constructive partnerships with other agencies that work with them.

·     pursuing an active fundraising programme that increases the financial sustainability and stability of RSG.

·     to continually improve the sustainability, governance and management of RSG

·     developing a team of employees and volunteers that is skilled, effective and well supported.

3.       To increase the awareness of the needs of refugees and asylum seekers in the area of benefit by:

·     raising the profile of the work of RSG

·     developing a greater understanding of the size and nature of the refugee and asylum seeker population

·     openly challenging practices that unfairly discriminate against refugees and asylum seekers.

If you would like to become a member, please complete the following forms and return them to

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